Get Leaner, Sexier Thighs With These Powerful Exercises

Published: 12th November 2007
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Every woman wants to have slim and trim thighs. Especially, if you want to look good for a special event that shows of your legs, or feeling attractive in your bathing suit.

Many times women will be wasting their time doing exercises that just don't get the results they want. Such as the following:

Abductor and Adcutor Machines- with these machines you push away and pull in using your thighs. You may feel the burn, but essentially it doesn't do anything to shape and tone your thighs. A better exercise would be squats, these target the thighs and glutes.

To perform these there are several different ways. Simply stand with your feet shoulder width apart with dumbbells and go down as if you are sitting on a chair. Now it's important that your perform this right so that you don't get tight hips by placing your feet straight ahead.

You want to make sure that your shoulders are back, head is up, and your body is upright, making sure that your form is not compromised by going down lower than you can handle. When you come back up, squeeze your thighs and glutes.

This exercise also burn a lot more calories then the abductor and aductor machines because of the way your body is positioned. Keeping in mind as well, if you want thinner thighs you must burn more calories.

If you stick with the best thigh exercises, not only will you get results but you will save time from doing exercises that just don't work.

Additionally, another great slimming thigh exercise is an elevated one legged squat. When performing the one-legged bench squat you want to get a weight bench or chair and position it so that it is close to a wall or somewhere you can brace yourself. You can hold a weight in the arm that is furthest away from the wall and place your other hand on the wall for support.

While standing on the bench with one leg, the other leg will be off to the side and then the opposite hand is holding the weight as you bend at the knee and touch your foot to the ground.

This is the same motion you are doing when performing a squat. You can also do this exercise without any weight. Do anywhere from 8-15 repetitions on each leg.

Leg lifts- This is a very old school approach that was presented in the days when aerobics were popular. You lie on your side, and raise your leg up and lower down and squeeze your thighs and glutes. Again, you may feel it working but it doesn't do anything to get the results you want.

You may have perceived that to be true, because the women that were doing them in the classes were already in shape to begin with, thus giving you the illusion that it works to create slimmer, thinner thighs.

Again, if you're looking for only the best exercises to firm your thighs. Side to side lunges are the ones to do.

For this exercise you need a set of dumbbells. Use weight that is challenging. Stand with your feet together, holding the dumbbells to your sides.

Then take a step out to the side and as you do that move the dumbbells so that one is to the inside of your inner thigh, and the other is to the outside of your thigh.

As you step to the side, you also bend down, much like you would as a squat. Then step back to the middle. Perform each side at a time, then move to the next.

Stick to doing what works, and you will see your thighs getting slimmer and sexier in just a few short weeks.


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